The Stress

Amsterdam (NL)

The Stress is the musical alter ego of indietronic disco DJ Diederick van den Ende.
At the end of 2011, he decided to organize a party in the city of Utrecht (NL). A little while before the first event, he wanted to join the line up. Learning how to DJ in such a short period of time caused a lot of pressure so he started the use of the name “The Stress”.

The Sunday-afternoon initiative proved to be a success in various cities and quickly became the launchpad of his DJ-career.

For most people, disco means looking back into the past. For The Stress, it’s about the present and the future. He won’t play any overplayed classics by Wham! or Bee Gees but vibrant and thoroughly produced tracks by artists such as Punks Jump Up, Ssion, Moonlight Matters and MEN. Other acts that inspire him are Hard Ton, The Knife, Trust and Daft Punk.

Recently, The Stress played at some of the wildest indie-dance and nu-disco gigs in the Netherlands and with Los Ninos he will start his Belgian debute. Expect loud and progressive disco, house and indie-dance.

Enjoy The Stress!

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