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Galerie de la Reine / Koninginne gallerij 12
1000 Brussel

There is a lot to tell about "Le Vaudeville" or "Theatre du Vaudeville". This protected building located in the splendid Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert or more precisely in Galerie de la Reine that is one of three parts (the other ones being Galerie du Roi and Galerie des Princes), opened by Leopold III in 1880s.

The entrance hall has been added in the twenties in a typical art-deco style. The rest is the Second Empire style so expect lots of curves and ornaments coming together in an incredible venue.

Ok, so it looks good but also … the sound is incredible, it's 5 minutes from the Grand Place and from the Gare Central / Centraal Station and has a big protected parking just next to it.

Just two things: may we ask you not to shout in the gallery as there is actually quite some apartments there but people seem to forget as it looks like there is only stores. Secondly, the upper floor will be open (and THAT's a loooong time ago) but you cannot take drinks up there so please respect that. Thanks and have a blast !

Theatre du Vaudeville Brussels Bruxelles Brussel

Theatre du Vaudeville Brussels Bruxelles Brussel


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Saturday 14 9 2013
Saturday 25 5 2013
Saturday 09 2 2013

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