Les Ateliers Claus

(Brussels (Belgium))

Behind the Dexia / Rogier tower at Place Rogier plein
Tunnel Brabant / Passage Charles Rogier
1210 Brussels
GPS: crossing Place Charles Rogier X Rue Marie Popelin

TAG City is over 1200m2 dedicated to creation: ateliers, digital creation, temporariry installations, concerts, etc. behind a square that will change dramatically in the coming period.
Place Rogier is being rebuilt as of 2010 (ok, it doesn't look like moving on quickly ..), linking the city center with the North area as it was so many decades ago when people went more easily from the tons of cinemas in the Rue Neuve / Rue Adolphe Max to the Martini Tower (now Dexia) area.

Here is a link with info in Dutch on the refurbishment of the Rogier Place

Tag City Brussel

Tag City Brussel

Renovation plans of the Rogier square

Tag City Brussel

Tag City Brussel

Tag City Brussel


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Friday 27 7 2012

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