Gallery Horta

(Brussels (Belgium))

Grasmarkt 116 - Spanjeplein
Marché aux Herbes 116 - Place d'Espagne
1000 Brussels

This gallery at the Central Station was closed for over 20 years and has recently been renovated for over 6 million euro. The impressive Horta space from the fifties is egg shaped and features grand columns and dito staircase designed by Horta. Neon and led lights are now perfectly integrated and the restoration of the wooden escalator is impressive.

At a footstep from the Grand Place, with a parking below it and the hotel Meridien just above, you don't need to walk far to keep all energy for massive dancing.

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There is an InterParking that can be accessed from the Grasmarkt/Marché aux Herbes and from the Blvd de l'Impératrice/Keizerinlaan.


Parties at this venue

Saturday 28 11 2009

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