Zebra Katz

New York (USA)



Zebra Katz is the stage name of Ojay Morgan, an American rapper best known for his 2012 single "Ima Read". He is part of a wave of "queer hip hop" artists who emerged in the 2010s, who were influenced by elements of the LGBT African American ball culture.

The single "Ima Read", which took off when fashion designer Rick Owens used a repeated loop of the song to soundtrack his 2012 show at Paris Fashion Week, was released on Jeffree's, Diplo's imprint for the Mad Decent record label. Its video was directed by RUBEN XYZ. It has been described by The Guardian as "queer rap's crossover hit", and has been widely remixed by artists as diverse as Tricky, Azealia Banks, Gangsta Boo, Grimes and Busta Rhymes.

Zebra Katz was originally created while Morgan was studying at Eugene Lang College in New York City, growing out of a performance art piece called "Moor Contradictions". He subsequently worked on songs and videos as a hobby while working as a manager for a catering company, and began to pursue music more actively when he started garnering wider attention following the Owens show.

Morgan conceives of Zebra Katz as "the dark rapper, the dark villain, the dark lord of the fashion world". The single "Ima Read" is an allusion and tribute to Paris Is Burning, the influential 1990 documentary film about ball culture.

Morgan has since released two mixtapes, Champagne (2012) and DRKLNG (2013). He has performed many concerts in the United States and the United Kingdom, both solo and as an opening act for Azealia Banks, as well as Scissor Sisters, and has also released several follow-up singles on Mad Decent.

In May 2015, he released his 6-track EP Nu Renegade with Leila.



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