Brussels (BE)

Yoan is attending his second year of electro acoustic studies at the Royal Academy of Mons. This eighties boy is born in Namur and currently lives in Brussels. With precision he gathers sound objects from many and strangest sources and creates new soundscapes.

This project is specifically made for the Los Ninos event. He has named it "Somniloquy". His night fears and sleepwalking have inspired him. The audience may not always be able to recognize the original sounds he uses, like deconstructed and unlogic talk of people suffering from a disorder.

At 23:00 he will create a live sound experience dedicated to our specific venue, the Congres Station, including the sound of the Los Ninos hero: the Russian doll born as Masja and supported by video and photo shoots. . Little by little, loops, beats and exquisite digitalized sounds will get your feet moving.


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