White Lies

London (UK)

White Lies are the glowering, glistening, moody, magnificent, cheekbones-of-granite, stone cold future of Rock…

As teenagers in what now seems a different life, they were a band called Fear Of Flying. They’d known each other since they were babies in West London. Starting with a jagged and jittery desire to make any music they could and influenced by each member’s vastly different musical taste, they gradually honed their style into a more atmospheric, grandiose beast. White Lies were go.

Their music blooms with darkness, maturity and density. Their image blackened to suit their new mood and their gigs began to rage with such devout intensity that some fans were literally driven to tears.

Writer of the band’s striking lyrics, Charles is a fresh, invigorating and slightly deviant new storyteller entering an indie landscape. He is the creator of these dark, cinematic tales of murder, madness, revenge, loss and love from beyond the grave.

"Unfinished Business is a spectral tale of an argument between two lovers which goes wrong", Charles explains. “And we have a song called E.S.T which deals with the issues and morals of electric shock therapy.”

2009 was a massive year touring with Coldplay and Kings of Leon. 2010 was stuffed with tour dates, including some exclusive dj dates such as for Los Ninos.

They just announced that they're working on a 3rd album so it's the ideal time to call them on stage for a surprise dj set !

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