Bologna (IT)

Wawashi begun his DJing career in 1999, without taking himself too seriously. His extremely ectectic musical style – removed from trends and open to seemingly different styles, such as techno, electro, pop, acid, italo disco and house – soon made him shine within the Bologna club scene.

In 2003, with journalist and friend Benedetta Cucci, he started the monthly night PopUP at the infamous Cassero Gay Lesbian Center in Bologna, which quickly became known as one of the best nights out in the Country. The formula was simple and effective: to bring dance music back to the more tangible dimension of the live act, in contrast with the current “Superstar DJ” fenomenon. Guests were artists known for their creativity and originality – Luomo, Mu, The Hacker, Black Strobe, Chicks On Speed, Ascii Disko, i-F, Riton, Chelonis R. Jones, Ellen Allien & Apparat, to name but a few.

Since 2005, Wawashi is also artistic co-director of Cassero, one of the few Italian clubs to champion musical innovation and push boundaries, also firmly established as one of the best clubs “Made in Italy” in the Country and abroad.

His first work as producer has been released in 2007 – “Shake Your Body” by Miss Plug Inn – an energetic mix of italo disco and electro which also features prestigious remix works by Remute, Casco and Christopher Just.

Nowadays he's working on a new project with the biggest disco queen ever seen on earth, Hard Ton. Their fatty sound mixes up Chicago's acid house with Sylvester's falsettos, Bobby O. with Loleatta Holloway... Get ready for this enormous pop bomb.

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