Prague (CZ)

Tvyks has become landmark to whoever is interested in the energy rush arriving from the east. DJ,producer, party organiser, radio speaker, graphic designer, this exciting young Czech man wears many hats placing his affined knowledge of the electronic scene at the service of his passion for music.

Co-founder of the Plastique parties in Prague he currently dedicates his energy to the new Boom Bang Baby! nights that are so wild the bobbies have to get out of bed! Thanks to the extremely warm public the unique atmosphere Tvyks parties have already been the heaven for innovating bands and live acts.

His collaboration with Swedish producer Hakan Lidbo resulted in a 12 inch released in spring 2002 by the world's famous Paperecordings under name "Norr/Vychod". Aside from French Connection on Radio 1, Tvyks' latest endeavour is his current collaboration with the Czech singer & musician Gregory Finn. Their Re:ply project has already led to a single "How Much Is The Milk?" and several remixes for The Kilians, Cassius, Dead Kids and Midi Lidi.

Finally as a DJ, Tvyks benefits from a rich experience behind the decks of some of the finest clubs across Europe (Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, London and more). Digging from multiple sources he selects the ultimate sounds within the trends in order to provide the audience with fresh and sharp mixes. His inspiration varies from house to electro, passing through disco punk, booty bass to acid house, grime and baile funk leading to a powerful head banging feet thumping mix.

Fasten yourselves for the blast!

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