Tom Van der Borght

Gent (BE)

Tom Van der Borght (BE-1978) is a last year Fashion Design Student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Sint-Niklaas. After a first career in social work, he returned at the age of 27 to his childhood, when he was constructing crazy pieces next to his mother who’s a classical trained sewing teacher.

In 2008 he starts his fashion education, and in 2009 he works as an intern for Maureen Declerq (Antwerp) who’s also a teacher at Antwerp Fashion Academy. In 2011 he wins the Belgian Final of the Triumph Inspiration Award and competes in the world final. His piece therefor is worn by Lily Cole and shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. His work is all about texture, volumes and colour ..., Old handcrafts like crochet and cross-stitch embroideries co-exist with self-developped colorful prints. He creates an image of a super-human. Strong looks based on larger-then-life volumes inhabit Tom’s playful and nostalgic universe.

“ work is all about hiding and showing. I use layering, extreme detailling and bold combinations of colors, prints and materials to challenge people to discover my work in a personal way ...”

He has a strong technical approach to his work, and all pieces, from clothing to shoes, hats and accessoires are fully handmade by Tom.

Photos by Alexander Popelier

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