The Scandals

Berlin (DE)

"Hey DJ, get the fuck out of my way, it's the return of the performers!" Or so the party slogan of Berlin's hottest, most demanded DJ couple, The Scandals, goes. With them, there's no one hiding behind the turntables (or behind the laptop). They rock like true performers: from electro into punk, no-wave over rock'n'roll - this connection appears already long with a lot of bands, but on the turntables it is still an innovation, which does not succeed as well as them. The Scandals allow nothing on their turntables that can't make even the most dedicated techno fetishist take out his air guitar and start freaking out. Even still, for Emma Eclectic and Steve Morell to dj was actually only a second solution. As born performers they see themselves naturally "live on stage". These soundfetishists aren't just moonlighting. Thats why after intensified orders for remixes, The Scandals have been injecting artists like Miss Yetti, Pink Grease, Beroshima, Boy George, Atomizer, Bruder und Kronstädta Feat. Nina Hagen, Lola Angst and S'Express to get infused with punkrock by The Scandals original remixes. All those are released along with remixes for Neonman, Peaches, Punx Soundcheck feat. Marc Almond and S-Express on a full album.


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