The Priscillas

London (UK)

Named after The King's bride and looking like they've stepped out of a Russ Meyer film, The Priscillas combine 50s pin-up stylings with the excess of 60s garage pop, 70s glam, and a sound that screams NOW!

They fuse The Ramones with the Shangri-Las and belt out songs with the hook laden pop-rock immediacy of Joan Jett. All coated with lyrics that bounce with references to zombies, brain surgeons, outer space, super heroes, city boys, and food.

Formed two years ago, the 4 girls have released two singles and one mini album on CD (the gloriously titled Aloha From Holloway) on the mighty Damaged Goods label. The two sell-out singles were played on Radio 1, BBC 6Music, Xfm, and WFMU. The girls have also played sessions for Marc Riley on BBC 6Music, Resonance FM, and WFMU in New York.

The bands Technicolor mayhem videos were on heavy rotation at every Topshop in Europe, and Photograph won the accolade of being voted in the shops top 40 videos of the year. Not only do The Priscillas distinguish themselves by their look and glam-punk-pop-rock sound, but also by their sheer instrumental competence and commitment to putting on a SHOW.

The band has toured extensively, wowing crowds with their legendary live revue all glitter, smiles, and sweat - and have gained plaudits across the UK, in the USA, Spain, France, Holland, Norway, Ireland, and Switzerland. They've played festivals from Benidorms Wild Weekend to Glastonbury and Irelands Electric Picnic. They have played with bands including Damned, Art Brut, The Subways, The Rezillos, The Monks, The 5,6,7,8s, and were once, unmemorably, supported by James Blunt.

What makes Priscillas' performances click is the rarest of things - they're a band that fires on four fronts, a band of strong characters with no weak links in the line-up. Think The Who, The Clash, The Spice Girls.

New Jersey bred Irish New York City cop's daughter vocalist Jenny Drag struts, crawls, prowls, and leaps about the stage in tight black leather when not delivering sardonic between song berations and gyrations. Pirate-infatuated bassist Kate Kannibal kicks like Suzi Quatro, but still manages to keep her evil eye focused on the audience. With glossy locks of golden hair and a smile beyond compare, your world will be charmed if voluptuous blonde Norwegian guitar ace Guri Go-Go happens to twinkle her eyes at you. And if ex-heavy metal drummer, Hege Hotpants twirls her sticks at you and winks, don't be too scared. She's only trying to freak you out before launching her full on pounding assault.

In a scene dominated by sullen introspectives and phoney post-punk chancers, The Priscillas are a breath of honey-flavoured air. They refresh and intoxicate in equal parts. While other bands mutter about their hackneyed influences, and consider themselves too hip to even glance at their audiences, The Priscillas are out there, grinning, and beating their glittering path to your heart.

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