System Olympia

London (UK)



System Olympia is a prolific Italian / London-based producer, song writer and vocalist, building a sonic world inspired by erotic literature, late night drives and dance floor romance.

A timeless sound defined by lush pads, dreamy synths, gritty drums and earworm melodies.

System Olympia graces the NTS airwaves on her monthly residency sharing a mix of boogie, RnB , synth pop as well as lots of her own unreleased music. Last year System Olympia released Delta of Venus LP, an ode to the 1977 groundbreaking anthology of erotic short stories, labeled an underground classic whilst her latest album, Always on Time, was listed on Pitchfork’s ‘29 Records You May Have Missed’.

System Olympia tracks also feature on Mount Kimbie’s DJ Kicks, Pete Tong’s Essential New Tunes, DJ Harvey’s latest compilation.

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