London (UK)

Wonderland magazine wrote this : "DJ Sonikku ramped up the music production and DJing after moving to London and started making waves with the island-hopping house of 2015’s Secret Island (released via Lobster Theremin sublabel Distant Hawaii). His skill as a producer comes from his ability to piece together disparate yet familiar sounds to create tracks that are immensely fresh yet rooted in a grand musical tradition."
Or as he says "up down up up up down"

A childhood obsession with Sega games ended up being the basis for his music career. Tony Donson uses the Sega Mega Drive’s Yamaha YM2612 sound chip to make 16-bit house tracks with a distinct ‘80s slant, NYC-inspired house and Italo-tinged jams. He was # 10 on Mix Mag Magazine's best new artists of 2016.


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