New York (US)

Slava is a musician and visual artist currently residing in New York. Born in Moscow, he has spent a significant number of years in Chicago where he cofounded Moment Sound Recordings and played an active role in the city’s electronic music community. He has been performing live since 2003 (usually using nothing more than a few Korg Electribes). His music has been released on Future Times and Software Recordings and featured on Mathematics Recordings and !K7 compilations.

Slava’s production doesn’t belong neatly to any category but, rather, surveys many and, zelig-like, freely borrows from them. Rooted in Chicago House, he dissects, reconfigures and recombines elements of everything from Vogue to Pop, R ‘n’ B, Hip-Hop, British Bass and Ambient. Many of these genres are tied to or catalyzed by a robust dance culture and Slava re-presents them for constant re-appraisal in digestible sets sharing as much with a DJ’s work as they do with that of a live instrumentalist in performance.

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