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He who leaves dance floors undecided between romance or wildness. Man of few words Sixsixsixties is Belgian’s quintessential master of ceremony, both when playing records or promoting nights. As co-founder and driving force of the now-defunct Holger nights in Brussels, he is to blame many nostalgic echoes (“insert memory summer boat party”), a footprint later witnessed in his hometown Antwerp when taking the job as promotor of the temporary 21st-floor Klub Goud.

Nowadays he co-runs traveling queer safe space SPEK covering the walls of sleazy basements, Turkish wedding venues and crummy nightclubs with festive fluids all around the country and plays parties as one third of dj-collective Snoephut. He holds a monthly residency on Kiosk Radio and has been touching ground in Berlin, London, Kopenhagen or anywhere a crowd of free spirited dancers is awaiting his dubby grooves, balearic excursions and joyous house beats.



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