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Buy a caravan off eBay and build in a soundsystem because you're evicted from your flat for too many public order offences? SHITDISCO.

Glasgow’s SHITDISCO shot to fame playing and partying their way round the ‘turboraves’ of Europe, stunning even hardy Klaxons fans on the NME Rave tour in a fluoro frenzy that lasted all year and shot adrenalin into the dreariest of the last remaining schmindie fans. Four post-art school boys raised on a diet of Talking Heads, The Prodigy, Girls Aloud, Donna Summer and anything in between (as long as it’s edging towards 2000 RPM), came together as SHITDISCO in 2003.

Their living room jams with Klaxons and The Rapture and the games of tour bus polo became the stuff of legends. But there’s a more profound side to the band writ large all over debut album ‘Kingdom Of Fear’ that could be easily overlooked in the med-fuelled madness. First single and schizoid disco-punk manifesto ‘Disco Blood’, for example, with the hazily joyful chorus of “got that disco feeling on my mind, got it in my blood” seems pretty simple. In fact it’s a reference to the feeling AIDS sufferers felt when the disease first emerged. Look closely, and you’ll notice the band’s incessant partying is actually their political statement.

This defiance is the centrifugal force in everything that SHITDISCO do. “Playing party music for us is rooted in political ideas” says Joe, “We’re unable to change anything even by voting, so partying is a political statement. You don’t go to work or do what you’re supposed to be doing. You party for days on end instead.” So, futile trek to the polling station to push forward the next corruptive impotent government, or spend weeks on end off your tits – the choice is yours.

The rest of their steamroller debut is a hailstorm of gabba-punk disco diatribes, peppered with cult literary references.

More tracks: "OK", "I know Kung Fu", "Reactor Party" etc. (see videos below)

More words: clash of pop melodies and dark lyricism - European sex industry - Michel Houllebecq - technocratic society - lamp-posts with x-ray machines anyone? - antibourgeois - weird plastic society - post-punk aggression and poptastic euphoria - studied precision

Next step for the band? Try and guess. Nope, try again. No – we’ll have to tell you straight. Joe says they’re going to start up a girl group, like hi-NRG 80s poppers The Flirts, to “push the dark pop idea we’ve got”.

SHITDISCO: extreme turboravers, twisted disco-punk geniuses, and soon, pop svengalis the likes of which have never been seen.

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