Tina Sabrina Joyce

Antwerpen (BE)

Ruud Rudy van Moorleghem has graduated from KASK in Ghent direction "Mediakunst". Since 2006 he has done expos and performances in Antwerp and Ghent. Los Ninos will be his Brussels debute. The next 2 years he will be split i 2 : getting his master degree in visual arts in Ghent and attending Art Academy in Munster.

His works are sourced from dreams and visions. Nightlife is an important theme. He uses different media to work out his idea or dream.

The spectator often plays an important role in his work. They are challenged to take different positions to be able to have a good look at his work. They are even confronted with their own human behavior.

Apart from art, he drinks, dances and sleeps in public. French kissing is one of his hobbies.

His show will be a sequel to the Tina Sabrina Joyce performance of October 2010, called "Let Me Be Your Fantasy". It's a mixture of violence, sexy fantasies and cute dance steps. Two monsters will show the dreams of our dear friend Tina Sabrina Joyce. Quite a shame Tina can't come as she currently is in a place where vagina transplants are done. Let the monster seduce or disgust you.

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