Punk Bunny

Hollywood (USA)

PUNK BUNNY is Luigi and he's a crazy slut who lives in Los Angeles, California.

PUNK BUNNY has joined the music ranks of GG Allin & Clay Aiken and peers such as Peaches & Justin Bieber.

Luigi blends brash sexual lyrics over progressive, syncopated beats which appeal to the electro punk generation.

He started his musical career in the late 80's with The Jokers (1988-89), Rubber Band (1994), Marble (1994-2000), Esoteric (1996),The Haunted Tortillas (2001), Punk Bunny (2003- Present)
Since its birth in 2003, PUNK BUNNY has recorded & released three full length albums, "A Hole is a Hole" (2006), "My Secret Garden" (2008) and "Mucho Muchacho" (2009) The live shows features a revolving door of back up dancers, freaks and hookers.

PUNK BUNNY has hit on a winning combination that has him touring throughout the U.S. and Europe, playing to enthusiastic crowds. PUNK BUNNY has been on a journey of debauchery and shows no signs of slowing down.

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