Partyline DC

Washington DC (USA)

Out of the ashes of the Washington, D.C., suburban dude music scene crash the three ladies of Partyline! Armed with politics, punk and a penchant for partying (and sharing phone lines), they thrash vigilantly against boredom, the Bush regime and body control! Girls with glasses, they'll squash you like a bug!

Partyline consists of the usual suspects: singer Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Cold Cold Hearts, riot grrrl, Ladyfest, etc.), guitarist Angela Melkisethian (Savage Boys & Girls Club, Crucial Defect, Hott Beat, as seen on American Idol, etc.), and drummer Crystal Bradley (The Applicators, Howler Monkey, etc.). Fusing partying and politics to perfection, Partyline songs nail such hot topics as consumer advocate/Presidential candidate Ralph Nader ("Unsafe at Any Speed"), brainy broads ("Girls with Glasses"), female trouble ("No Romantic"), right-wing anti-abortion Christians ("Party-n-Animal"), the awful Bush administration ("Zombie Terrorist"), oppressive gender roles ("Ladies' Room," "Trophy Wifey"), and feeling trapped like a bug ("Cicada Summer").

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