Paradise 100

Brussels (BE)

Scotland-born Parisian Paradise 100 aka Graham/Africa has been percolating stripped-back, bouncy-castle house constructs onto the web for a couple years but never locked them in wax till now. High time.

Paradise 100 has unveiled the first track off his debut EP The Loin King, which comes out October 1st on 100% Silk. Pitchfork premiered title track "The Loin King", describing it as a "six-minute house jam" that "sweetly unfolds into something...expansive and tart."

Following his minimalist dictum that "any more than three tracks on a song is just indulgence," his debut EP's four cuts on The Loin King share a sleek, spare design, jigsawing slinky bass, classic keys, lean drum programming, and flashes of synth mirage into fluid, aerodynamic patterns. Touches of melodic acid and crossover new wave color the mood an exotic, hedonistic hue (further evinced by titles like "The Loin King" and "French Kissing In The House Of Love"). His own vision of the project is appropriately fantastical: "The image in my mind is of tropical forests at night, torchlight, distant sounds of tribal ritual dance and ghosts."

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