Pan Warrior

Antwerpen (BE)

PANWARRIOR started "attacking" bars in Brussels in 2010 and ever since the music "battles" are spreading over all Belgium with even somae little "combats" in Lisbon. We are convinced it's boredom and political correctness he's fighting against.

How does it sound? Well we could speak of DJing and stuff like that, but he's a selector of cheap pop, electro and house shit and crappy disco.

How does it look? Kitschy porn, flashy glitters and the sparkle lashes could be a good definition for this fighter and what is popping-out of his performances.

In his artwork he likes to play with words and graphics : Homofografia was a graphic-linguistic exercise in the form of a fictituous newspaper, in which offensive and discriminatory words against homosexuals ironically turn into heraldic allegories.

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