Paris (FR)

Producer and DJ of electronic music, Panteros666 is one of the four creators of Club cheval alongside Sam Tiba, Myd and Canblaster. They released their first album ‘Discipline’ in 2016 on Parlophone. In parallel, Panteros666 is also at ease working solo merging the lines between anthemic melodies and innovative sound design. Releasing his first EP in 2011 on Sound Pellegrino, he topped the charts in 2013 with the techno anthem ‘Baby F-16′ released on Bromance Records. Then comes ‘Hyper Reality’, a 7 tracks mini-album released on the same label and which defines Panteros666’s trademark club sounds and his vision of music: a multifaceted utopia. Panteros666 directs all his visuals and web experiments with collaborator Inès Alpha. With his 3D squad they teamed up with VICE’s Creators Project to create his own augmented reality performance: “Hyper Reality Live show ». More recently, they directed the DIY-Ridley Scottesque video for “Clear”, a track in collaboration with Woodkid. Panteros666 has now revealed his new project #HYPERALLIANCE: a coalition of 3D and New Media artists bringing together club culture and digital art, led by him and Ines Alpha.

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