Noblesse Oblige

London (UK)



NOBLESSE OBLIGE, formed in early 2004 by Franco / German pair Sebastian and Valerie, have spent the last ten months playing dates in Berlin, Paris and London, gaining a notorious reputation for their wild shows. Raw yet sensual, sleazy but sublime, they effortlessly combine heavy, edgy electronics with infectious, twisted pop to great effect.

'Quel Genre De Garçon' / 'Lil’ Dirty', a double A side release, is the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut release 'Bitch' / 'Daddy (Don't Touch Me There)' and sees them fuse sixties’ chanson and military beats with broken guitars and transgressive folklore. Released on CD and 7" vinyl, the new single also features their brilliant take on Minty's 'Useless Man' featuring vocal samples from the late Leigh Bowery and is a taste of what to expect from their forthcoming album 'Privilege Entails Responsibility'.

Noblesse Oblige have toured and performed with bands including Selfish Cunt, Martini Henry Rifles, Kaito, Protocol and Boston’s Dresden Dolls among others, and performed a series of Live concerts in Berlin including the acclaimed Hebbel Theatre as part of the 2005 Live Brits season. Other highlights include a live appearance at The London Goethe Institute as part of the Exhibition Road Music Day, London’s renowned Fete de la Musique and their show at the Berlin Insane III release party at Club 103 in Berlin alongside artists including Crossover and Adamski.

The duo has also been regularly invited to perform and DJ at notorious club nights. Check the dj page.

An exclusive Noblesse Oblige song, ‘Offensive Nonsense’, is soon to be released alongside Fixmer/McCarthy, Whitey and many others on the BERLIN INSANE III compilation by the Pale Music Label in Berlin. It's available for lovers in the download section!

Press articles, reviews and features on the band have been included in NME, Tank Magazine (including 2 tracks on the cover CD), Record Collector, iDJ, DJ Magazine, M8, and many others. A recent photo shoot with celebrated photographer Nick Knight can be seen in the October 2005 Issue of iD.



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