Mystery Jets

London (UK)

Mystery Jets are one of the world’s popular bands. Remember “Young Love”, “Two Doors Down”, “Half in Love with Elizabeth”? Check their super videos below, they’ve been watched over 4 million times on YouTube.

Alongside the bands meteoric rise they have also established themselves as globetrotting DJ’s. Kai and Will of the Jets have fused the sounds of Indie and Electronic music, forming a mix that plays like the illegitimate love child of Erol Alkan and Herve, capturing the hearts, minds and feet of the masses upon the dancefloor.

Though initially their bookings were down to the success and reputation of the Mystery Jets, Kai and Will have taken the live energy of the group and transferred it to the DJ booth. They have DJ'd at some of the world's finest clubs and clubnights.

Thanks to their unparalleled contacts with both bands and DJ's, they snaffle some exclusive remixes, re-edits and unreleased tracks before anyone else. They released a mix album on the ground breaking Cheap Thrills label and their latest album "Serotonin" in 2010.

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