Berlin (DE)

As a DJ, mobilegirl is versatile but thoughtful in her selection – her style behind the decks is focused on creating a highly energetic dance floor that allows for emotionality, for softer moments but also attention-demanding breaks and shifts; an equally fun and challenging combination that gained her traction very early on in her career and established her as an artist to watch in experimental club music – bringing about tours across Europe, East Asia and North America and a spot on the roster of DISCWOMAN.

Reflecting her general curiosity mobilegirl's inspirations draw from a broad pool that intentionally make her rather difficult to categorise. However, she has made a name for herself through club edits of R&B classics; a predilection for which draws through all of her work. Another influence, not less apparent, are video game scores. Her fascination with the repetitive and soothing effect of music in RPGs accordingly set the foundation for her debut EP "Poise" released in 2017 - a string of tracks that seemed untypically mellow but were created in an effort to decelerate and invite the listener to do the same. This project turned mobilegirl's inspiration into praxis as it opened up the doors for her to shift her focus towards scores of films, art installations and fashion shows the years after.

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