Mike Simonetti

New York (US)

-1987: sneaks out of his house to go to his first hardcore show at CBGB at age 15.
-1988: got a job as a lowly receptionist at club Mars in NYC through a friend in Feb when he was 16.
-1988 worked his way up to “promoter” by mid 1988 going to clubs and handing out flyers
-1989: promoted his first party at Mars. a disco themed party. the only one in NYC at the time.
-1992: started Troubleman Records with money saved from working as a stockboy at a supermarket
-1993: started djing house parties and lofts for fun
-1996: signed Glass Candy
-1997: got first “real gigs” in NYC
-1998: starts the CONTORT YRSELF party playing post punk, disco, funk and hip hop lasts until 9/11 shuts the club down for almost a year.
-1999: is a ‘resident’ at the infamous HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIDEOUT parties in Brooklyn. his bookings increase throughout the hip parties in NYC.
-2000: is a ‘resident’ at Rubulad which he still holds to this day. known as the best loft party in Brooklyn. his 8 hour sets are legend.
-2000: is a resident at Lit in NYC, a legendary party thrown by Justine D. was one of the first djs to try out disco and house downstairs in the club, which was usually rock based.
-2000: is a semi regular resident dj at MOTHERFUCKER in NYC. the essential downtown club kid party and recognized as one of the best NYC parties of the era.
-2002: starts the AEROSOL BURNS party in Brooklyn. all night parties become legendary. The Fall plays unannounced show. capacity of bar is 70 people.
-2003: cops raid AEROSOL BURNS at 11am, everyone gets arrested. party ends.
-2004: Troubleman signs CHROMATICS, releases HEALER 12”. it sells out in a week.
-2004: begins djing seriously, traveling all over the world to play records to people in any club they will have him
-2005: Glass Candy plays their last show with a drummer, opting for a more electronic , dancey sound.
-2008: Mike and Johnny start an offshoot of Troubleman for dance music in Mike’s kitchen while drinking red wine. They call it Italians Do It Better as a joke thinking it wouldnt be a big deal
-2008: After Dark compilation is released, and a mini revolution is born and the bar is raised…
-2010: releases his first songs and does his first remixes, almost 20 years after going to Mars for the first time
-2010: starts new sub label of Italians called Perseo focusing on edits.
-2011: releases debut lp CAPRICORN RISING

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