Berlin (DE)

Metzgerei has been spicing the aural brew of the Berlin Club scene since 2006. Her innovative mixing continues to surprise as it develops, peppering a essential electro base with a creative elixir of beats and vocals. Her mixes are aromatic, her visuals smoldering, and her sets have a sense of humor; exemplified by an occasional unexpected appearance of some oldies amidst a foundation of sounds from the underground. The sets have range; richer than the average minimal, sliced finer than breakbeat, she dishes up enough lyrics and hooks to whet the pickiest appetite.

Metzgerei single-handedly created Bend Over, a fierce queer party based in Berlin and happening everywhere.

She started producing remixes in 2009 and her own tracks came a year later. She has played alongside the likes of Adam Sky, Creep, Olof Drejer (The Knife), Fagget Fairys and Peaches. She was the booker and house DJ of the Queer X Show, and co-stars in the documentary about the tour Too Much Pussy. You can also see Metzgerei in The Sound of Berlin, a slice of cutting edge female DJs including the legendary Berghain's resident DJ Tama Sumo.

During the daylight hours, Metzgerei founded and works as the executive editor of Bend Over Magazine, an international collage of feminism, sexuality and queer art.

A poly-competent musician since childhood, Metzgerei grew up playing a variety of instruments from the piano to the chello. She focused on drumming until she broke both of her wrists in 2004.

Ever moving on and up, Metzgerei found the light in the misfortune by stepping up to the decks, finding the rhythmic fix she craved and working the turntables like a live instrument. Metzgerei started her career mixing 3 turntables and 2 cd decks, encouraging innovative sound layering with three blended tracks, folded through with independent vocals and made savory with samples of funk.

Clearly electro, she spun playful breakbeats flavored by funk and hip hop. Over time her style has ripened into a more serious tech house, but she still keeps it tangy with a twist.

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