Melting Pot (Marco Torrice)


In between a performance, a pedagogical space and a party MELTING POT is a dance practice, which function as an alternative way of gathering people together, where performers can find a place to exchange dance experiences, have fun, challenge their dance and liberate different forms of energy, such as anger, joy, sexual or social frustration ... Moving through and breaching the cultural and categorical bounds in contemporary dance, MELTING POT aims to combine different dance styles, communities and cultural backgrounds. To connect these differences is a way to find a shared urgency of dancing, beyond a specific movement language or performance approach, beyond race, social position, gender and sexual identity, a way to encourage cultural mix. MELTING POT is accompanied by a Dj set which combines beats from different cultures. The Dj function as a ‘urban shaman’, to guide the practice towards a sort of ritualistic happening and to lubricate (potentially creating sensations of familiarity or unfamiliarity) and facilitate exchange, connecting different cultures.

Ideated and led by : Marco Torrice

With the participation of a mix group of professional and amateur dancers and actors

With the support of:
VGC - Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie ( )
Rainbow House ( )
Volksroom ( )
B.C.D.A. ( Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy )

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