Madame Dame

Paris (France)

Diva chic and decadent, Madame Dame puts her first steps on stage in 2008.

Write, composer, she was born in the effervescence of the collective "animal_chic" et rapidly positions herself as the "Snob Groove Diva" singer for which she fully claims it's birth.

On an electronic base, sometimes jazz, rock or soul she cultivates a rich musical style brought by a warm and strong voice. She reedits tracks from Frank Sinatra to the Scorpions and finds pleasure in mixing the old school glamourous diva with gloves with the punk priestess, trash and off-track.

Solo on stage, Madame Dame oscillates between an ultra referenced nostalgia (Blake Edwards, Henry Clarke, David Lynch, …) and a very instinctive presence on stage, leaning to performance. From charismatic to dead funny, she delivers a show with big S.

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