Les Bourgeois

Gent (BE)

Les Bourgeois started as a group of friends sharing one passion, two decks and a house.

The story starts at a shady New Years Eve party for the Highlife of Kortrijk. Roy and Arthur were dj'ing and used "Les Bourgeois" of Jacques Brel to stir things up as a practical joke. "Les Bourgeois" was born.

They decided to move the decks to their place in Brussels. Everybody was invited to bring some records or use theirs to get the feel of dj-ing. Soon enough also Stijn and Samyra showed a talent for mixing the right stuff. They all started dj'ing at private parties in basements and from there on moved to parties at Sint Luckas high school, where they got a feel of a bigger audience.

Their concept brings smiles on people's faces and gives party people a bloody good time. Every one of them has a particular taste in music, bringing a mix of rock, house, electro, techno and the stylish oldie. Arhur brings the Decks, Roy the Music, Stijn the Beats and Samyra Funcks it all up.

This mix of Antwerp (Samyra), Hasselt (Stijn), Lommel (Roy), Ghent (Arthur) and Brussels (where four of them studied) gives them the opportunity to dj at parties all over Belgium in a mix and match situation.

'Les Bourgeois' brings them together more and more. Join them in their fun whenever you can!


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