Kids On TV

Toronto (CA)

Kids On TV emerged from the drainage pipe of a Toronto bathhouse in the spring of 2003. The group consists of John Caffery (Bass), Minus Smile (Beatmaster), Wolf (Gutar), and Roxanne Luchak (Video). Their output includes, but is by no means limited to, musical recordings, musical performances, film, dance videos, rock opera collaborations, graffiti, crafting, and live "sleep-ins" in ritzy Toronto bars.

Kids On TV want to transform space and your mind. Tune in. Get addicted. Get nasty. Kids On TV bring it live and bring it real with big dirty beats, shameless samples and breakdance meat. They work with Chicks on Speed, Lesbians On Ecstasy, Man Parrish and more. Noisy electro / rave / booty-house.

Their debut album is Mixing Business with Pleasure includes the electro-rock track "Breakdance Hunx" with shock-value lyrics as "the little blonde boy who breakdances and sucks cock / we'll make five grand off your ass in a week" and "Cockwolves", two and a half minutes of distorted drum machines, stark analogue synth bursts and echo-drenched yells tumbling into shamelessly cheesy rave breakdown, dated piano synths and all.

All backup their notorious live performances with a high offense threshold and tolerance for toilet humour!

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