Justus Köhncke

Berlin (DE)

Justus started off in the late 80s with his first project "Blood And Honey", a Düsseldorf-based duo doing nothing but electronic versions of Amanda Lear songs. After moving to cologne in 1990, Justus, heavily influenced by house music, began producing tracks with different people, especially DJs Hans Nieswandt and Eric D. Clark. At this time, he started spinning his own special mixture of records in the Cologne scene as well.

Till 2000 he released countless albums under "Whirlpool productions". Surely you have sung along with "From Disco To Disco" ! In 2002 he released his first solo album for the known label KOMPAKT "Was Ist Musik". Ever since he has released several cds, 12 inches etc per year. Last appearance was on "Total 11" of August 23, 2010. He produced remixes for Ladytron, Mylo, Andreas Dorau, Stereo Total, Hot Chip etc. After his recent collaboration with Alexis Taylor, we felt it was time to invite this hero of ours. Whether it’s working at the DJ booth, a club stage, or some grimy bar, Justus is forever passionate and heartfelt. He mentions influences of Bach, Chic, Giorgio Moroder, Amanda Lear, Kraftwerk, Larry Levan, Die Tödliche Doris, Martin Kippenberger, Brian Wilson etc.

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