Joy Wellboy

Brussels (BE)

The Brussels duo Joy Wellboy is Joy Adegoke, a song writer and - we cite - an "untrustworthy maniac with a porcelain heart" and Wim Janssens, producer, arranger and in Joy's words "a stubborn asshole". Not that they don't get along, quite the contrary. The live together in the heart of Brussels. On the question "are you a couple?" the reply is vague "depends on the weather". Open for interpretation.

The sound of Joy Wellboy can said as "elementary beats and basslines, in combination with Joy's particular voice".

Joy already worked with Buscemi and Mark Knight before she met Wim Janssens and founded Joy Wellboy. De single "Flush me" appeared several times on different radio channels and became a hit on A video clip definitely to be discovered. The release of the second single is in January, the debut album "Let's make love before we die" should be in store in March.

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