Josz LeBon

Amsterdam (NL)

Ever since his childhood Rotterdam/Antwerp based Josz LeBon has been wandering around record shops hunting specific tunes. At the age of seventeen he played his first professional gig. Only a few years later dance floors all over Holland were shaking to his dynamic DJ sets. This way he builds bridges between Electro, NuWave, New Wave, Italo, pop, 'Retro most people forgot about' and music that is less easy to name. Combine the latest releases of DFA, Gomma and PPQ with Whitey, Les Ritas Mitsoukos, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Trans X and Chk! Chk! Chk! Because of this non-conventional approach and choice of music you will find him on alternative stages as well as in the club circuit. He comes to play in Brussels for the first time and is looking so much forward to it !! Me too !


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