Graaf Drankula

Amsterdam (NL)



Graaf Drankula, one of Jordi Ariza Gallego's alter egos, is the theatrical deejay better known as one of the founders of the Amsterdam queer family UltraSexi. Under this banner, notorious queer nights were organized such as M.U.L.T.I.S.E.X.I. and the slightly hysterical pop-culture party F*CKING POP QUEERS!

As a disc jockey, the Count fills the dance floor with intense queer love beats, carefree yet manic, taken on a homo-eclectic journey across genres and eras.

In daylight, Jordi is the curator of the art project Sociƫteit SEXYLAND, a conceptual club with room for experimentation; a place where all kinds of ideas can get a platform. Where failure is allowed and where radical equality is paramount.

In addition, he has been working for years on setting up a new (queer) culture clubhouse in the heart of the city, called: Europa. A theatrical new place where artists and queers can play, meet and strengthen each other. An intended beacon of hope and love in our continent.



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