In Flagranti

New York (USA) / Basel (CH)

Since the beginning of their record label Codek Records, Alex (graphic designer, fucker-arounder, nightlife stalker, crate digger, the "weird guy" in the corner) and Sasha (the DJ, beatmaker, dubmaster, former Organic Grooves band leader, former seamster (is that a word?), and a chill human) aim to explore the cosmic background in every possible way by creating and putting together different elements of art/graphic design and styles of music in to a seamless flow, which ultimately leeds them to create "In Flagranti", an act that would reflect all that, and continue to explore the endless possibilities of a 'cut and paste' aesthetic.

Their DIY attitude, which came in many forms like "Organic Grooves" Sasha's long running weekly party and "SMYLONYLON" tapes, Alex's by now legendary mix tapes, gained them a lot of street credibility in New York and abroad.

In addition the CODEK sleeve design is a big part of the whole aesthetics, especially some of the early hand silk screened sleeves, which the Wire magazine calls "the best in the business". In Flagranti pushes the envelope further by adding video clips that accompanies each song showing the visual influence. Woman-Glamour-Trash-Chic is the identity which brings out the new punk attitude.

From the electronic disco sound of Gorgio Moroder, Patric Cowley to punkfunk of Liquid Liquid, A Certain Ratio and more contemporary sounds of todays dance music, In Flagranti is an erotic funny collage of all the above.

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