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IDC is the London-based DJ/Producer whose DJ sets, original material, remixes and exclusive MTV tracks have led to Update calling him "our favourite protagonist of the illicit beat", DJ Magazine to say IDC "pushes the boundaries of electro" and Notion to call him "the leading light of the UK mash-up/bootleg wave over the past two years".

Currently playing DJ sets all over Europe, recent and upcoming dates include clubs such as Brighton, London, Berlin, Liverpool, Madrid and monthly sets in Barcelona.

DJ magazine have championed several IDC tracks in recent months as "a sexier-than-thou cut that will have you head-banging in the bass bins", "this oh-so-naughty housed up steady but saucy groove that you’ll grow to love" and "IDC have done it again. You’d be a mug not to get this".

Last summer IDC headlined a dance stage on the Saturday night of Europe's biggest music festival Sziget in Budapest and an IDC DJ set was featured on the MTV club tour of major European cities which played Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Milan, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Lisbon and Dubai amongst others.

IDC's DJ style has been described as "Dancefloor Rock'n'roll"

IDC's second single "Payola" has been described as "a floor filling beat monster" and is out now on Corsair Records. IDC's 2004 debut single 'Scratch' was one of the last new records to be playlisted by John Peel.

BBC Radio One's Rob Da Bank is one of the many radio DJs around the world to have aired IDC productions so far in 2005. Throughout 2004 IDC's remix productions were featured weekly on MTVMash which was broadcast to over 500 million viewers across MTV Europe on MTV & MTV Dance. Outkast's Andre 3000 insisted that a cheeky IDC mix-up of "Hey Ya" and the Streets "Don't Mug Yourself" was cleared for MTV broadcast and the resultant "Hey Mug" went on to become one of the most requested tracks on MTV Europe in 2004. IDC is probably the most well-known UK mash-up artist worldwide. IDC mix sets are amongst the most downloaded DJ mixes on P2P internet networks.

No-one apart from the man himself knows what the letters IDC actually stand for!

Reviews of IDC tracks have been featured in DJ Magazine, Update, Notion, the Observer Music Monthly, Sleaze, and Rip ‘n Burn amongst many others.
"IDC's debut 'Scratch' further pushes the boundaries of electro-disco" DJ magazine
"Aimed squarely at the dancefloor while also being perfectly suited for the airwaves." Notion
"Our favourite protagonists of the illicit beat" Update
"Carrying on in the same wonderful vein as Mylo" James Clark BBC Radio
"The bootleg beatnik proves he has more strings to his bow" Juice Magazine
"This is a seductive electro mash-up by the mysterious IDC" NME
"Genius" Edith Bowman, BBC Radio One

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