Black Peter Group - Gio Black Peter

New York (USA)

Black Peter Group (BPG) is a New York based electric trio led by front man Gio Black Peter. They make "music you can fuck and get fucked up to!"

They don't label their music because they feel that would create boundaries and they like to use all the colors in the crayon box. Check out their bluegrass hit "Ol'Lady". You can also hear 2 step hillbilly influence in "It's Fucked Up!".

They have been playing in the States and the U.K for the last year and have their first single "It's Fucked Up" out in april 08.

You can also catch Gio Black Peter in Bruce LaBruces film "Otto, or Up with Dead People" in 2008 as a zombie loving american.

BPG want you to know that whether you are a crazy fucker or just fucking crazy they welcome you and remember; It's a party, so lets have fun!


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