Fil OK

London (UK)

Fil was formally one half of pop duo Tracey & Sharon with DJ Tom Stephan in 1993, he had a hit in 1994 with Filthy Hetero, and toured UK. Fil went on to study Sound Engineering in mid 90’s and recorded demo’s for Sister Bliss. Fil wrote film music in the late 90’s for London Art Collective, Let Me Feel Your Finger First. Then formed the band Atomizer in 2001 with Jonny Slut, who’s first single Hooked On Radiation was released on International Deejay Gigolo in September 2003.

He started the London club NagNagNag in Spring 2002 with Jonny Slut and JoJo De Freq. Set up label NagNagNag Records in 2004. Released second Atomizer single, Ball & Chain/Snake in January 2005, with Tommie Sunshine remix.

Currently, Fil is planning next single release and putting finishing touches to the first Atomizer album. Started new club night, Sorry We Killed You, in June 2005.

Done remixes for, Siobhan Fahey (Pulsartron), Readers Wife’s (Nostalgia), Rubicks (Actress/Model), Mechanical Cabaret (Cheap & Nasty), Stazi (Love Is Lethal), Kings Have Long Arms ft. Phil Oakey (Rock & Roll Is Dead) and Napsugar (ThisIs How We Do It). Fil is also currently working on remix for Boy George

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