Feral aka Mc Kinky

London (UK)



Caron Geary's story can be split into 2 decades :


MC Kinky did a demo called KINKY REGGAE which she gave to Boy George when she met him in a London nightclub. Shortly after rapping on KIPSY (a track on George's HIGH HAT album), he signed her to MORE PROTEIN. That led to the appearance of the first E-Zee Posse single, EVERYTHING STARTS WITH AN 'E', which was the big break for her, reaching the Top 20 in the UK and becoming an anthem for the 'SUMMER OF LOVE' generation. The song was written as an instrumental by Jeremy Healy, a long time friend of Boy George. George thought it needed some vocals and thought of Kinky right away.

From 1988 to 1992 MC Kinky performed around the (club) world, including at the infamous Sunrise, one of the pioneer clubs to take the underground rave movement to the large scale dance events) and together with no one less than Leigh Bowery.

The complete video for E-Zee Possee's EVERYTHING STARTS WITH AN 'E' ... Listen for Eve Gallagher & Boy George on backing vocals.

MC KINKY performing the 90's anthem on BSB/SKY show Hits International , the week before the track was banned by the BBC and we were banned from appearing on Top Of The Pops, due to the lyric content of the track, the track reached #14 in the charts, and was a huge club anthem. Mc Kinky is joined by her dancers Marc Massive (now singer with his own band Massive Ego) and George Long

Early 90's interview around the time of 'Everything Start's With an E' on the BBC2 'yoof' programme Reportage


Caron is back, stronger than ever. Praised by UK radio stations and magazines, she introduces electronic raga and punk rock. She does the lot: musician, artist, photographer, lyricist, vocalist and isn't shy of pushing political boundaries. Weapons of Mass Expression. Relentless in her fight against consumerism, global violence and inequality. Confrontational, provocative. From her new start she hit stages around Europe.

Feral performing Flesh Roast at The MingLand party at AntiSocial, London

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