Emilie Jouvet

Paris (FR)

She is the film maker & camera girl for the Queer X Show.

Emilie Jouvet is the author of One Night Stand (2005) first queer porn movie made in France, free lance photographer and visual artist. In june 2006 she present at Frameline (San Francisco) her first feature porn movie "One Night Stand". She is a photographer and filmmaker and also works as a freelance photographer for magazines.

Her personal, artistic, and political work shows her friends and lovers in their intimacy, far away from the clichés of the standard gay representations. Her models, from the underground queer Parisian scene, travel between genders. She shows their sexy, troubled and confusing identities. Her shifted and provocative art-videos are shown in international exhibitions, queer festivals, and were screened on TV channels. She founded her own queer and feminist art organization: " Les Très Très Méchantes Filles" and organizes parties and exhibitions.

Since she made "One Night Stand", she writes a blog diary of her filming experience about interaction between Art, Genderqueer, Feminism and Pornography. "One Night Stand" a DIY romantic queer porn, won the first price in Berlin Porn Film festival 2006 and the special price of the jury at Copenhague film fest 2007.


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