Dolly Bing Bing

Ghent (BE)

DOLLY BING BING IS A GLAMOROUS ALIEN POPSTAR created and impersonated by Ghent-based artist/dancer Elisabeth Van Dam.

As a performance project she is a Gesamtkunstwerk. Dolly is a sculpture. Dolly is a sex icon. Dolly is a superwoman. Dolly is a heroine. Dolly is a ‘new Venus’. Dolly is the future. But Dolly is also music. Her songs and performances are created in collaboration with composer/producer Alien Observer (Laurens Mariën, NEIN, ex-Soldier’s Heart). Together they aspire to shape ‘the trippy soundtrack of a beautiful metaphysical future’, melting r&b, rap and experimental electronics with lyrical pop, philosophy and poetry. Thinking from the darkness of the female ‘hard core’, with her glossy make-up doll face, open soul and flaming tenderness, juicy love warrior Dolly inspires women to be sexual, powerful, aggressive and cool, yet loving, transformative, generous and soft. As a living sculpture, with her hyper trained body and super toned muscles, and as a bad-ass post-apocalypse bitch, Dolly reaches beyond the limits of human life into the animal, digital, hybrid, enhanced and heavenly.

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