Dj Paco

Antwerp (BE)

Over the last few years trance music has developed into a growing genre. Once again we start to honour what we established in the nineties giving us a rich culture of nightlife.

As DJ Paco was never driven by trends but only by passion it makes him happy to see how trance started to gain respect recently.

Even though DJ Paco was born in '94 and was only 10 when the era of mega raves came to an end in our small country it didn't take long before he discovered his love for trance and hard/fast driven techno sounds. Even if Paco started to collect records at the age of 15, it took him about 3 years to take the step to become a DJ.

Paco realised that a good DJ starts with excellent music knowledge but also requires a strong technical know-how so he started finetuning his skills. Slowly but surely he became confident in playing in clubs, exchanging his living room for the dance floor.

Even though he only made a select amount of appearances in the Antwerp underground scene, Paco kept on delivering strong mixes time after time. Now, thanks to the upcoming interest in trance and retro music, it's safe to say that 2018 will be the year that all the effort, love and dedication for the sound he loves so much will slowly start to pay off. As Paco says "What is growing, is growing still"

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