Dj Athome

Brussels (BE)

Maurizio Athome is Dj and psychologist .

Dj'ing Italo Wave, Mutant Disco , Techno and House since early 90's, sharing desk with Dj Sprinkles, Felix Kubin, Vladislav Delay, Farmers Manual, Pole, Pita, Charlemagne Palestine and many more.

He had his own radio show called Brussels Alternative Show on Radio Panik 105.4 FM from 1996 to 2018. Dj Athome is half member of Front de Cadeaux (Roccodisco, Subfield, Emet Records) with Hugosan his musical partner since 2006 with who he shared the early connection with some queer / bear events from San Francisco (Honey Soundsystem) to Rome (Subwoofer, Discolooser, Phag Off,)

Review: view.aspx?id=13707

Since 2013 he is the co-founder of activist & band called Front de Cadeaux (F2C) with Hugosan.

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