Diskokaine aka Marflow aka Wolfram

Vienna (AT)

Diskokaine's head is the Austrian guy Wolfram (marflow backwards) Eckert, a talented DJ and producer who has donned some of the world's finest clubs with his italo antics not to mention being a mix-robot on the Cybernetic Broadcasting System.

His new single features Legowelt on keyboards and Princes superstar on vocals is getting crazy hype. His most recent release is out on Gomma with remixes by Alexander Robotnik and Patrick pulsinger. The sweetest guy who knows how to party!

Has he ever been arrested with a name mentioning drugs? "Once I fought with my girlfriend really loudly and the police came and asked if I'd hit her 'cos the neighbours called them in fear of a chainsaw massacre next door," he says. "I told them that we are just fistfucking. Nevertheless, I had to pay 80 fucking euros." His conclusion? "In Austria, penetrating your own girl costs more than a hooker. Damn!"

On the private side : his mother says that his haircut looks like shit, his dad doesn't care about that but he thinks that he can't deal with money, especially the money he doesn't earn by himself!

His view on his work : "Several promotors from berlin,nyc,london,turkey,warsaw,chicago,paris,amsterdam etc. invited me in the last 12 month to play my bad music at their parties. Somehow they didnt invite me ever again! Nevertheless A.Robotnick,Princess Superstar and Legowelt think i'll have a big future.....thanks to this naivity of them that they worked with me on some songs. my girlfriend always tells me that i'm bad in bed and that i'm getting fad. my "MS Word"programm just tells me with those underlined red words that my english sucks big time and furthermore my german in interviews is even worse."

More keywords : Sally Shapiro, italo-disco, Viennese sausages, Vice Magazine, Clone

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