Disc (o) Twins

Amsterdam (NL)



(formerly known as DiscoTwins) Rave&Rock, a wild and fun party, mayhem on the dance floor, that's what the DiscTwins is about! Currently the DiscTwins bring you a mash-up of electro, disco, house, pop, punkfunk and rock. They started out being a duo playing all sorts of cheesy pop dance classics at the renowned monthly "fan club" night in the RoXY all the while never losing interest in new music developments. Gaining recognition and respect in recognized clubs such as Stalker, Now & Wow, ToNight, Waakzaamheid, Paradiso & the RoXY, the DiscTwins set foot in modern day nightlife! December ‘97, Speedfreax started and the DiscTwins gained a residency. First playing speedgarage but as dance music changes quickly, it evolved into a blend of garage and 2-step. The DiscTwins always kept their ear to the floor, keeping up with current and upcoming trends in dance music as long as it’s positive! Nowadays they are keeping the bassbins happy everywhere showing their stuff in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Prague, Berlin, Ibiza,.. with residencies at superb Dutch parties and discos. DJ Sanyi is also involved in de music scores for many fashionshows of Italian and Dutch brands and also for upcoming new fashiontalent. The Disctwins work all equipment and are getting addicted to Ableton Live, that fabulous program which makes their dj-ing a real 21st century treat. Be ready for the future of dancemusic, the Disctwins are delivering now.



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