Stockholm (SE)

As co-head of Staycore, Dinamarca has built up a reputation for transgressing traditional genre barriers and bringing the sounds of Latin America to Scandinavia and beyond. Born in Chile, but raised in Stockholm, Dinamarca embodies the sprawling sounds of Staycore to a T, working tirelessly with co-head Ghazal to bring exciting young artists into the fold and delivering the outfit’s debut release, the No Hay Break EP, in December 2014. Described by Resident Advisor as “one of the scene’s most inventive producers,” he has followed No Hay Break with two wholly anthemic follow-ups, the full throttle Holy in December 2016 and Himnos in April 2017, both of which have gained ubiquity in club scenes as far flung as Los Angeles and Tokyo. Anyone who has seen the utter madness that ensures when “Holy” drops will testify to the all-consuming power of Dinamarca’s hybrid concoctions. Nice article:

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