Chima Hiro

Lisbon (Portugal)

Chen aka Chima Hiro is a music fan first and foremost. That manifests in the way she dances (we're legit sorry for you if you've never seen her dance) and in how she was already looking for special tracks in the most unexpected corners, well before she even dreamt of being a DJ. But the best DJs in the world are indeed music fans above all - before process, or medium, or aesthetics, or lifestyle - and this DJ has always done things for the realest reasons.

The tracks she picks for her NYCE & SLO show on Rádio Quântica embrace a spectrum that is as expansive as it is surprising, just like her untainted taste. Moody but colourful, innovative but archetypal - it's music that touches on new age and jazz as well as distorted beats over acid lines or uplifting, melodic house. Her path in DJing runs parallel to her radio beginnings and has taken Chima Hiro to dominate booths - and consequently, dancefloors - of some of our underground's most exciting parties, whether alone or flanked by some of the most spot-on selectors that Lisbon has produced. - Inês Coutinho

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