Cakes da Killa

New York (USA)

Recording artist and raunchy rapper Cakes Da Killa is a 25-year-old with three critically-acclaimed mixtapes to his name. His latest release Hunger Pangs solidified him as “one of hip hop’s most exciting voices,” according to The Needle Drop and a ferocious rapper who “sounds like he will absolutely slap your face off” in the words of Stereogum.

No small feat, as this intensity has also garnered him praise from the likes of Vice, MTV and The Fader. Cakes Da Killa’s unique sound is a mix of various musical influences, cinema and underground experiences. Praised for both his lyrical content and flow, which has earned him comparisons to Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj.

Cakes has as an international following that's brought him to places around Europe, Canada and Australia, all the while shattering the preconceived notions of what it takes to be a respected lyricist. (Rightly) bragging that he can, “spit that shit to make a homophobe a hypocrite,” he continues to prove the statement true with each new release he drops.

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